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Welcome To Grace

My friend, you have found your new church home while in Jacksonville, North Carolina, if you are looking for a local New Testament Baptist Church.

What to Expect

We are a small church with the desire to grow, not for number's sake but for Christ's sake. We're not about evaluating you because when you walk in, we want it to feel like home. Don't worry about fitting in becasue in God's house we are and should always be on one accord. We won't ever try to change you, come as you are and let God do the changing!

Relationship Over "Religion"

The term religion has been tossed around and misused so often that its been more of hindrance than anything. Religious structures and systems are confusing, complicated, and disconnected from real life. We would love to help you move from “religion” into an authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Gospel of Truth

You won’t hear sermons about politics or personal opinions. In every service the Bible is opened and clearly proclaimed, because it is undeniably true and perfectly relevant to every life.